Practicing the metal arts is a type of alchemy. Alloys of ore from the earth are changed at a molecular level by heat into a liquid state, then hardened and formed into beautiful and functional objects. This magic fascinates me, and I am in awe of the combination of beauty, strength, malleability and durability of metal. 

Jewelry is a form of nonverbal communication. Humans have adorned themselves since paleolithic times; bones feathers rocks and metal combine to symbolize power, protection, status, wealth and spirituality. Wonder Woman clangs her bracelets together to summon her super powers. I design jewelry that is a declarative statement about the wearer.

I like to use a number of techniques that combine non-traditional materials in jewelry. My current project is a series of pieces inspired by the urban landscape. The grit and grime of the inner city visualized through a lens of broken glass, concrete and asphalt combined with gold, silver and steel celebrates dissonance. In addition to jewelry, I construct tableaux that not only display the jewelry pieces but also provide the background and context for the work.

Metal work and jewelry design is my journey into semiotics and materialism. I hammer hot metal.